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Corrado tire size

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I want to upgrade my stock 15'' BBS's with 17" wheels. The car has the original suspension. I wanted to go with a 215/45/17 tire. Does anyone know if this will cause any rubbing?
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Re: Corrado tire size (ra6hc)

I'm running 17x7.5 w/ 215-40-17's and 5mm spacers up front with no rubbing. I've also got Bilstein Sports and H&R Racing springs that drop the car about 1.5".
Hope that helps.
Re: Corrado tire size (VegasVR6)

i am not worried about the width i was just worrying that the 45 aspect ratio might be too much and there will be rubbing. Any one run 215/45/17's with stock suspension?
Re: Corrado tire size (ra6hc)

why dont you upgrade your suspension first, then worry about the wheels? IMO getting wheels first then suspension may be more difficult that the other way around. plus, suspension is more fun than large heavy wheels
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