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Corrado VR6 full dash. Can be used for conversion or for replacement.

Condition is probably a 7/10. Most parts are there, a couple clips are broken, driver vent vanes are loose, and the dash has some slight warpage. The tach did not work when I pulled it from the car, but I have no way of knowing if the issue is with the cluster or some other part of the car.

Instrument cluster
HVAC trim

Glove box
Switches - headlight, defrost, foglight, and rear spoiler
Vents - passenger only
Knee bar - metal support and driver/passenger covers
Driver side under dash panel
Most hardware

$250 for all
I'm thinking this is priced fairly, but I'm open to respectable offers, just don't insult me.

Dashboard including passenger vent and knee bar, covers, under dash panel and hardware

Glove box
$25 + shipping

Spoiler switch
$25 shipped

Prefer to sell as a package but will separate. Located in San Jose, CA. Will not ship dash or knee bar.

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Dash w/ passenger vent, knee bar/covers, driver under dash panel

Glove box

Switches - headlight, spoiler, window
$20 ea.

I just want this thing gone, taking up too much space in my garage.
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