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Corrado wheel question.

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I'm thinking about getting new wheels and tires, anyone running 215-40-17's having any problems, potholes, rubbing or anything else. I have a 90 g60 with stock suspension. Also if anyone could post a pic of a corrado with 16in rims please do so, I want to see the differ between 16's and 17's. Thanks
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Re: Corrado wheel question. (fluid72)

I didn't have any problems when I was running these on my stock suspension. The ride was kinda ****ty, but heh, you'll have this.
Re: Corrado wheel question. (WhiteG60)

What do you mean by ****ty?
Re: Corrado wheel question. (fluid72)

I mean ****ty as in, i was driving in pennsylvania with about a half inch of rubber between my car and the road ****ty.
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