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Cost and functionality of non glass windows?

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How much would lexan windows cost? Where can I find them for sale? Do they retain the stock appearance? Can I still roll them down? How do they fare as far as scratches go? Do they scrattch easily?
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Re: Cost and functionality of non glass windows? (JPawn1)

I have Lexan windows on my Camaro. If you set them up to roll up and down they will get scratched in no time. They are scratch resistant to a point. The set for my Camaro cost me about $300. Then I had to weld up a frame to hold the door windows and rear hatch. Then had to rivet the windshield in. If you do go with them you would probaly have to buy a sheet and cut the shape out.
Re: Cost and functionality of non glass windows? (gtibunny8v)

How much weight do you think these save?
So you can set them up for roll up and down? What if I used tint on both sides (like clear on the outside and inside)..would that keep it from scratching? What if I just did all the side windows and not the front or rear? I plan on keeping my car a daily driver, but I want to lose some weight, and I don't mind elbow grease.
Re: Cost and functionality of non glass windows? (JPawn1)

before you go replacing your windows w/ lexan- if you are gonna have this as a daily driver- expect to get some attention from mr.johnny law- road vehicles must be equipped w/ DOT approved glass- this isnt like hollowing out a cat or anything- there is alot more too it- and it would suck to do all that work- to have your car impounded for lack of "safety glass"- but good luck in your search http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Cost and functionality of non glass windows? (hkk735)

Legality issues aside...as far as appearance goes, could my idea I posted earlier work?
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