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Costco tire coupon for those in the market

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I find that Costco usually has a good value overall and right now they've got one of there somewhat-quarterly tire coupons:
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Re: Costco tire coupon for those in the market (pawn707)

This is cool. I went in last week to enquire about Bridgestone Touranza LSH, which he quoted at $91.99 + $9 installation. The guy recommended me to get Michelin MXV4 Plus @116.49 (including installation) as they'll be running a $60 off promotion on Michelin. I compared them both and couldn't seem to make my mind for Michelin MXV4. Touranza seems to have better reviews on tirerack and better recommendation by people on clubb5.
I am going to order the Touranzas on monday.
Thanks for posting the coupon.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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