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Could somebody please check out a Corrado in Lesueur Minnesota?

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I am still looking for a new Corrado, I believe I may
have found one in Lesueur, Minnesota. It is located
at First Farmers and Merchants National Bank off of
highway 169.
After calling the bank... It is a repo car, and the
lady didn't know a lot about it. She said she was
told by someone at the bank that it was clean with no
rust and the interior was pretty clean, the AC and
sunroof are supposedly working, it is a stick, the
interior is supposed to be clean, and they didn't tell
her that the cruise wasn't working. 103k. $2400. The
bank is open from 9-5 and you could take it for a
If someone wouldn't mind checking this out, I would
appreciate it greatly. Thanks
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