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Hey all from across the pond

I have a few "general" questions about forced induction on the R.
Ill not bore you all with the whats and whys, if you can answer though it would be appreciated

1) does anyone know approx figures on the temps of the exhaust gases that exit the engine? obviously it depends on how hard the car is being driven etc etc but just a generic figure would be nice.
2) after discussing it with my father (ex rally driver/mechanic) what are peoples thoughts on the possibilitys of twin-charging the r32? (super/turbo). My dads initial thoughts are space, but obviously alot of the stuff in the engine bay can be easily relocated.
3) Whats the approx bhp limit before going forged pistons and conrods? also whats the approx limit that the standard gearbox can take?
finally, do you prefer to go with lower compression pistons or just use a thicker headgasket?
i suppose that last one depends on horsepower...
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