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couple of questions

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in relation to "my quattro golf project" http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=1170697

well my dad is convinced that i cant cut the tunnel out of the golf because it will buckle, because of the unibody. is this true? and it turns out the center of the axle stubs in relation to the wheel well will make the engine stick out about 5 inches from the end of ther fenders....so i got a few options
1. set the engine itself back, and the axles axles go at a bit of an angle
result: im goign to ditch the power steering anyhow, which is where the alt usual is on the 4 cyls(that will kill about 3 inches) which means i could either run an electric waterpump and just have the alt kinda behind the bumper and probably get away with it(or the wp too)
2. put the audi fenders and front nose on the golf...(it will give the extra 5 INCHES)
result: im not sure i dont have any good enuff pics of the audi to chops it on to see what it looks like..
the other night i photochopped the golf to see what it would look like to extend the fenders about that much and it didnt look too bad at all, and my dads confident me/him can easily do the extension of the fenders(hes done this sort of thing)
i think youve all seen the vid and article in pvw of the quattro rabbit with the 5cyl
the only thing he extended was how the bumper came out farther, so im thinking he did liek i was saying before and sticking the alt in back of the bumper(because he DID run a elec wp)
but the drivetrain was out of a 200 (a8 drivetrain)
somehow i think the tranny may not be 45 feet long like the 4kq so the axle stubs are closer to the front
post comments/questions
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Re: couple of questions (glibobbo21)

If you properly support the car with jack stands on the frame rails, I don't think buckling will be that big of a deal. Obviously do it while the car is completely stripped so that it is as light as possible. People cust the center tunnels out of CGTs and 4000qs allt he time and they don't buckle...
As for your other dilema, I sorta like the idea of a golf with a 4000 nose. I've always liked the typ85 front end... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Good luck...
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Re: couple of questions (glibobbo21)

you could always just work the 16v into the project. there is a guy that posts here usually that races with a 16v powered 4k http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: couple of questions (glibobbo21)

Where to start....
First, congrats on starting such an ambitious project.
Second, there are a lot of dorks in the Mk2 forum

Third. your unibody should be fine. Proper support is essential of course.
What engine are you using? All you ever say is 5 cylinder and turbo. This could range anywhere from a 2.1L 10v at 136hp to a stroked 2.6L 20v at 300+. No matter, the drivetrain WILL handle it fine.
The Audi 200 drivetrain shares virtually nothing with the A8 drivetrain.
All quattro transmissions are long. The 4kq transmission is the shortest. Regardless of the transmission you select, the front output flanges will be in the same location with respect to the face of the bellhousing.
I don't know anything about an electric water pump. On the 5-cylinder cars, the water pump is driven by the timing belt and acts as the timing belt tensioner. Eliminating it would be...impossible in my opinion. Ok maybe its possible but not worth bothering with. It doesn't make the engine any longer or wider since it still sits behind the timing cover.
The logistic difficulties in a project like this is why I always try to talk people out of such crazyness. You can get away with a certain amount of angle on the axles but at some point the CVs will bind. Remember A^2 + B^2 = C^2 and in order to keep the same track width you must lengthen the axle. CVs often work at wild angles, but not when you try to extend their length very far.
I would not attempt to swap the Audi front end on the car. To me, that seems pointless. Isn't the project supposed to be a Golf body with Audi drivetrain? Make it look like a Golf!! Spend whatever effort you must to fit that motor in there. Cut the core support. Move the engine/trans back a couple inches.
Anyway, thats just my $.02 on a project I wouldn't ever attempt.
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Re: couple of questions (Haiku Master)

well the part about the 200/a8 driveline wasnt suggested by me orginally, it was by PVW magazine...but i did not know about the wp deal. well the motor is just a 10v i might search for a 20v but as strange as it it seems im trying to keep a low as a budget as i can
i know not of the engine codes but as you can tell im going to need to learn all the need to know stuff and then some(that 75% of you guys know) such as engine codes and that fun stuff....but so far the 034efi is a definite and a must...i also need to decide whther im going to put the dash in...so maybe ill just keep the outside a golf
i liek the audi dash and always have since i owned my previous 4kq(and then i can just put the whole interior audi harness in and use the cluster and other functions that entail the audi engine

thanks for all the feedback i know this forum is small and the vortex deserves its own forum for 4000's
keep it comin guys
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