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Re: couple of questions (glibobbo21)

Where to start....
First, congrats on starting such an ambitious project.
Second, there are a lot of dorks in the Mk2 forum

Third. your unibody should be fine. Proper support is essential of course.
What engine are you using? All you ever say is 5 cylinder and turbo. This could range anywhere from a 2.1L 10v at 136hp to a stroked 2.6L 20v at 300+. No matter, the drivetrain WILL handle it fine.
The Audi 200 drivetrain shares virtually nothing with the A8 drivetrain.
All quattro transmissions are long. The 4kq transmission is the shortest. Regardless of the transmission you select, the front output flanges will be in the same location with respect to the face of the bellhousing.
I don't know anything about an electric water pump. On the 5-cylinder cars, the water pump is driven by the timing belt and acts as the timing belt tensioner. Eliminating it would be...impossible in my opinion. Ok maybe its possible but not worth bothering with. It doesn't make the engine any longer or wider since it still sits behind the timing cover.
The logistic difficulties in a project like this is why I always try to talk people out of such crazyness. You can get away with a certain amount of angle on the axles but at some point the CVs will bind. Remember A^2 + B^2 = C^2 and in order to keep the same track width you must lengthen the axle. CVs often work at wild angles, but not when you try to extend their length very far.
I would not attempt to swap the Audi front end on the car. To me, that seems pointless. Isn't the project supposed to be a Golf body with Audi drivetrain? Make it look like a Golf!! Spend whatever effort you must to fit that motor in there. Cut the core support. Move the engine/trans back a couple inches.
Anyway, thats just my $.02 on a project I wouldn't ever attempt.
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