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Couple of vids of my ibiza on track @ Donington Park, catching and passing most things.. (Radicals, Caterhams etc)
1153kg weighed SEAT Ibiza.
Runs IHI turbo (Jabbasport).
Caged, 6spd sequential g'box, AP racing brakes, Bilstein coilovers, Neuspeed ARB's, Dynatiwst induction, ~300-320bhp atw & ~300-320lbft atw
You guys take your cars on track in the USA too right?
Its a big scene here..

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Re: (Stewz-GTI)

Quote, originally posted by Stewz-GTI »
To bad you don't have in car footage. That would be good!
I know I track my GTI but don't have any videos, nor do I have any real horsepower like that.

The footage was sent to me.. (lol, how stupid am i... of course it was I was driving... how stupid am I.... {dont answer that!}
Got the camera now and pc software.. need to use it and learn what to do with it now. Got a small bullet cam which is cool, so will be aiming to get full footage around and about..
the cars good fun.. but always needs something modding on it... faster it goes the more needs developing to fix something else.. LOL
That day cost me a turbo and DP.. (melted) as the oil control form the breather system overloaded... Stops well, corners well, acelerates well, oil sloshes all over the shop... and back down the intake.. EGT's went crazy high.. and melt.. Woops! now runs SEAT Sport baffled sump and am making catch tank for next seasons racing.
ace fun on track tho.. surprises many a "proper fast car"
Caterhams are easy... Radicals are more fun chasing.. now they are fast, but not all of em..

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Another vid of Performance VW's 10 of the best day feature which hits the shops in Jan 2005 issue.
204mph audi S6/RS6 engined from standing start in 2 miles.. Wow! Seeing was believing..
28MB big... http://badger-5.com/bin/movies...3.wmv

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Re: (Mrveedubuk)

Quote, originally posted by Mrveedubuk »
nice footage bill
any pix of the seat sump?

erm no... sorry..
might have taken some digi pics but need to find the camera I used.. (wifes)
Have yet to get back on track in full attack mode to see how well its working..making an oil catch tank soon to complete the job.
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