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cpo jetta gls & latest mf & rv rates?

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A local dealer has a CPO 2000 Gls 2.0 with 32k, leather, and luxury pkg. They are asking 15999. What do you think they'll say if I offer 15000? Would anybody know the latest mf and rv rates from VW?
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Re: cpo jetta gls & latest mf & rv rates? (VeeDubDriver)

don't you think that vw credit or the dealers is concerned about you publishing confidential info? Does your company (edmunds.com) allow you to publish these things?considering you sell "leasewizard" at 24$ it seems you are giving away free info! Maybe your editor would like to hear this. If I were you I would be running from vw lawyers if they ever find out what you are doing!
Re: cpo jetta gls & latest mf & rv rates? (VeeDubDriver)

I do not know ANY dealer that will publish lease rates! You are undercutting the dealer by doing this! In case you ever bought a car from a dealer, they make money by marking up the rate! why are they going to sell financing without making a profit? that is there job. By publishing these rates you are going to punish the dealers, and that will have a major impact on how your car is serviced and how you are treated as a customer. If they don't mark up the rate they will mark up the car. Take your pick. The dealer NEVER has to tell you the money factor. They do have to disclose the amount of interest collected over the term of the lease under"rent charge". Maybe you need to read your contract. Maybe you should do some work at edmunds. Maybe you should read about Reg M leasing standards
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