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My wife's 2003 GLX wagon with 86,000 miles has a cracked right front axle.
I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a trustworthy shop in either West L.A. or around Woodland Hills for this and any other future repairs (she may need a timing belt replacement soon according to the dealer).
She's been going to a place for small repairs called Calabasas Car Care that doesn't specialize in VW's. They quoted her $295 for labor; on other repairs they've seemed high as well.
I also got quotes from two independent VW shops, Ingolstadt West in Canoga Park and William E. Benoit Independent Repairs in West L.A. that said $180 for labor. All three places normally use OPParts axles for around $200, but I just verified from the distributor that they're made in China, I've been told to avoid.
An authorized VW aftermarket axle from Raxles.com which I've heard good things about also runs about $200 with shipping; I assume it's not a problem to have any shop use this instead. A plus is that a Raxle has a lifetime warranty against defects, although shipping is only covered for the first year.
Any advice/suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated!
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