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Crapped out MAF?

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I have been working on a CAI for a bit now, so far until today everything has been great. I have a K&N cone filter attached right before the MAF right now. I have almost 70K on the car and it just went out for the first time i think, my CEL came on. Would it be ok after i get the MAF replaced to continue with my CAI, i have a pipe being welded with a heatshield. Has anyone else had to replace their MAF's often after the CAI??? Like the ABD Q-Flow, and Neuspeed P-Flow for instance. Mines about the same thing.
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Re: Crapped out MAF? (CK98Beeetle)

My MAF went out at 31K miles running the OEM air filter. I got the CEL, plus a little lean-related power loss right off idle. Kept the original MAF, it looks perfectly clean but must have just failed.
Shouldn't hurt to drive it easy before you get to the dealer. Let us know results.
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