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Crapped out MAF?

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I have been working on a CAI for a bit now, so far until today everything has been great. I have a K&N cone filter attached right before the MAF right now. I have almost 70K on the car and it just went out for the first time i think, my CEL came on. Would it be ok after i get the MAF replaced to continue with my CAI, i have a pipe being welded with a heatshield. Has anyone else had to replace their MAF's often after the CAI??? Like the ABD Q-Flow, and Neuspeed P-Flow for instance. Mines about the same thing.
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Re: Crapped out MAF? (CK98Beeetle)

Bump? Anybody, i feel like i've had a little power loss, it wil be until tues before i get it into my dealer!
Re: Crapped out MAF? (vdubCorrado)

That would be great! I think a lot of guys here need something like that!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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