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Recently I have been getting asked if I had a build thread, so I guess it's about time to make one. Currently I don't have any huge tear-apart-and-rebuild plans but she is always changing. So I guess this will be my random update/picture dump thread.

First heres a quick re-cap, mostly from various photo shoots along the way

I have had the car for about four years now, purchased completely stock

At first I did some really stupid things :facepalm::screwy::laugh:
(H&R race springs, badgeless grill w/o hood filled, joey modded headlights, FK bumper vents and the NASTY wheels)

Somewhere in here I got a set of sportcloth seats, with beetle headrests. Best pic I can find for now

I got some RC's and a rep Votex bumper with M3 skirts

November 2009 - Saddest day ever. I got sideswiped/t-boned in her. :(

April 2010 - E-codes, 4-motion lip, GLI tails, FK AK coils and a few other things here and there

October 2010 - Main things included the roof rack and custom R/A/R/R tails

Mid 2011 - Ronal SX wheels with crayon center caps, Euro tails and shaved euro trunk

September 2011 - The bags, stainless steel trunk floor and Seidl grill came

March 2012 - She went to the body shop for a while.

April 2012 - She came home with shaved hood, euro stubbies, euro rub, and fresh paint here and there. While she was gone a I spent my time wasting money on her. OEM HID's, Lexan covers, SEAT headlight/HVAC controls and IDF drop plates.

June 2012 - First and only shot of the engine bay. Polished intake manifold, Neuspeed P-Flo, Forge oil/coolant caps and deleted windsield washer fluid bottle

September 2012 - And thats brings us pretty much current. Picked up some Kyowa Zero Mesh wheels...

Now I did leave off most of my interior....so I'll just cover everything now :popcorn:
3 spoke steering wheel, GLI brushed trim swap, OEM Bentley shift knob, pink stitched shift boot, TT pedals, Kenwood touch screen DVD, GLI center console, .:R leathers, GLI black parcel shelf, full GLI headliner trim, suede headliner, euro 25th AE black non-sunroof dome light.....I think that about covers whats in there right now. (not even including the stuff I no longer have)

Purchased since the last photo shoot- 42DD interior LED kit, larger spacers for the front and something I'm not going to post until its installed.

Feel free to follow me on IG: mindy13vw

Future plans:
Engine (I can't decide on what I want to do with it)
Exhaust - installed on page 5
New seats (again)
Replace all the beat up soft touch pieces
Recover door cards - finished on page 8
Replace steering wheel - Grip Royal installed page 7
More paint/body work
Get my hands on a non-saggy grill
Different wheels
IDF control arms
Glass headlight lenses installed on page 6

Then theres always the stuff I dont know I want yet :laugh:

Random updated:
Sold the Kyowa's, final photoshoot page 6
A friend loaned me his MAE's

Picture dump threads:
June 7th, 2012
March, 29th 2012 Photoshoot with Modernline Drift Trikes
February, 28th 2013
July 8th 2013 - Stancewars
July, 15th 2013
September, 14th 2013
October, 5th 2013

May 6th, 2012 Hellaiv
June 10th, 2013 Hellaiv

Summer 2013 by [URL="http://www.everydayparadise.com/"]EverydayParadise[/URL]

Love it or hate it she's mine and I will never stop changing her :heart: :peace:

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Damn! that color is snazzy, simple OEM+, Tasteful. I like it:thumbup:

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where did you get those climate control knobs?
I got the directly from a supplier in Europe :thumbup:

cool to see wats happened over the past few years! I didn't even know you had so much work into it :beer::beer:
Guess thats why I finally made a thread....most people don't know half of whats done to it :wave:

:heart: Kyowa Mesh Zeros :heart:

Looks good though, super sereal. :thumbup:
Thank you :thumbup:

Thanks! :beer:

damn i love those wheels, i wish they were wider tho!
Me to :(

GDSW :heart::heart:

Oh herro :heart::heart::wave:

^^ i have the same question

very nice timeline :thumbup::thumbup:
See above :thumbup:

They are OEM Seat units. You can find them on ebay.de if you search hard enough
Or that :rolleyes:

Always loved your car :heart::heart:
Thank you :beer::thumbup:

Damn! that color is snazzy, simple OEM+, Tasteful. I like it:thumbup:
Thanks! :thumbup:
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