As many of you may be aware, friend of the site and VW savant, Jamie Orr, recently went all knight-in-shining-armor to save a Harlequin imprisoned near San Francisco. Well, we’re happy to report that he is now safely home and the Harlequin is there with him.

Jamie has been updating a forum thread over the course of his adventure, the entirety of which you can read here  (well worth it), but the broad strokes of the story go like this: Jamie is a nut. But a heroic one.

In somewhat finer strokes, the story started a few months ago when the above Harlequin caught his eye. It had been sold to a wrecker after a charity decided that it wasn’t a donation worthy of its cause because it couldn’t pass smog. And so it sat. And time picked away at it until Jamie started calling the wrecker’s corporate office.

With Worthersee approaching, though, he had to put that on hold. As ever, that’s just when they decided to call back. Jamie returned home to a message saying that the Harlequin was his. So he raided his parts car, got some tools together, packed it all in suitcases, and flew to California.

You can watch the story unfold videographically below:

We now hope that Jamie is in a comfy, comfy bed getting some well-earned sleep, but we'll hand it over him to finish things. As quoted from his thread:

"I'm home. I don't have enough words to thank everyone right now, but thanks for everything, for following, for critiquing, for turning wrenches, for making new friends, for everything."