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Cruise Control for GL

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Who makes/where can I get a decent add-on cruise control kit for my GL Golf? Yeah, I know I shoulda went with the GLS but I have a fear of power windows. Any info would be appreciated.
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Re: Cruise Control for GL (ryandouglas)

bump for a fellow GL owner http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Cruise Control for GL (aak97)

i have cruise control and it's a gl
but they only did that for the tdi
Re: Cruise Control for GL (soot)

I know a lot of car stereo/car custom shops do it
Re: Cruise Control for GL (jettanjax)

I know APR have devised a way to access the ECU to enable cruise to work in conjunction with a retro fitted OEM cruise control indicator stalk.
In the UK, cruise control is an extra cost option on all Golfs (including the V6 4Motion) and I didn't see the need for it when I bought my car, but I recently decided I would quite like to have it fitted. Anyway, I contacted the UK importers for APR and they can do this no problem. The cost is £195 (around US$300), but it's probably the best way as it uses 100% factory parts.
Trust this helps.
Re: Cruise Control for GL (Konman)

maybe dumb question, i never use my cruise, is it all computerized in ecu or is it extra material that can be removed for the weight loss, is so is it worth it
Re: Cruise Control for GL (GoodDevil82)

it's all computerized
Re: Cruise Control for GL (kreuzerGOLF18T)

If the throttle is elec. controlled (are they all nowdays ?)
It is just change the turn indicator switch+ wire to the box + reprogramming.
I asked local VW dealer (Finland) and price is approx 250Euro, original VW.
Crazy car tax here in Finland, if I would have ordered it from the factory, price would have been 640Eur
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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