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cruise to broke.down, a tradition continued.

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it's that time of year again when we migrate north to
Massachusetts for a weekend of roasted pork and debauchery.

and as always there's nothing like a good cruise to get your w/e started off on the right foot.

the plan is to leave my shop in trenton, pick up some people along the way to meeting our best
bud chums the one and only get.late crew in connnecticut for breakfast/lunch/refuel. then we head north to where it's ok to blend blueberries and beer.
the route:
start - leaving saturday august 28th from my shop in trenton nj at 8:30am
-if you have never been and would like to come IM me, i'll give you the address.
Garden State Parkway
tappen zee bridge
merritt parkway/RT15 - breakfast *
RT 202
end - 175 State Road East - Westminster, MA 01473
should be into mass by 3:00.
plenty of time to have a few beers
find your lodging for the night
get cleaned up and ready for the pregame
breakfast info*
we're stopping at the olympia diner 3413 Berlin Tpke RT15, Newington, CT
should arrive by 11:30
if you'd like to leave with us (i'm talking to you get.late crew) :p i'd be there by 12:30 leaving at 1:00

couple of recommendations
-show up w/a full tank! sorry brah i ain't pulling over for ya.
-we will not be making stops along the merritt
if you would like to meet up with the cruise just let me know
what exit you are and i'll let you know what time we'll be driving by
this has worked out very well in the past picking up cars at the gas stations along the merritt.

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get late crew already checking in. :thumbup:

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'07 will live in infamy.
cannot wait
check with the other get late staff and see if what i posted is cool all around. :thumbup:
im pretty sure the cruise was held up for me last year. :laugh:

someone want to grab me before the tappan zee? i feel like the intense axle vibration is going to catch up to me sooner than later.
what? your not taking the jetta up?!
in for this.

raf clear out your inbox
got some info to send you

raf clear out your inbox
got some info to send you
i'll be catching up w you guys on the parkway. are you stopping at all before the tappan zee bridge? if not i'll just sit on the roadside i guess lol.
we'll be blowing straight through jersey
where on the parkway are you?
exit 10 on the turnpike. Somerville.
considering we won't be on the nj turnpike at all i'd find your way over to route 1 north and meet up before we get on the gardenstate parkway by the woodbridge mall.
thats where exit 10 is anyway. sounds good. i can just wait on the parkway after exit 131.

where is everyone staying?
in for this -- year 2 :beer: i'll be sure to apply something MKIII to my ride

are you taking the same 287 --> hutch --> then merritt again this year? i can meet up at that first mobil station on the merritt (just after exit 27) right across the CT border. i think thats where we joined last year.

visuals as means of procrastinating at work....

did someone say BROKE.DOWN?

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yeah man that's no problem at all.
just im me your cell and i'll shoot you a text when we're cruising over the tap.
i'm guessing if i leave nj on time i'll be by that mobil by 10ish.
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