Coopersburg, PA- As the sun was rising, cars were already lining up for registration at Cult Classic 2012. By 11:00AM, there were close to 500 cars registered for the show field... a far cry from the 27 cars that showed up for the first Cult Classic.

Over a span of seven years, Cult Classic has grown by leaps and bounds but the same laid back, family friendly car atmosphere has remained. There are no scantily clad "models", no drunken fools ruining it for everyone (in fact, no alcohol is allowed), and there’s no dubstep reverberating everywhere just in case that's not your speed.

Speaking of families, it is a family affair for Josh Paashaus, founder of the Cult Classic and owner of Nothing Leaves Stock. Josh's mom greets every car that registers, his Dad patrols back and forth across the field, and his brother run the food tent. Several close friends help with registration, food preparation, parking, clean up, and the numerous little things that go along with running a show. He insists that it is not his show but rather that of his family and friends.

The sun beat down on over two thousand five hundred spectators as they admired each car. Some were stock, some were heavily modified but all were proudly displayed by their owner. The third and fourth generations of Golf and Jetta made up the vast majority of the field but there was also a smattering of air cooled VWs, BMWs, and even a few Japanese cars. Audis came out in numbers this year with a healthy dose of B5 A4s and S4s.

The highlight of the show was the live auction that took place in the afternoon. The auction benefited the family of Moses Gerry, a VW enthusiast who died in a car accident in May. He left behind a wife, two young sons, and a baby on the way. Items were donated from local businesses as well as from afar. Some of them included a fully refinished set of BBS RAs, an autographed door and OZ wheels from the NGP Racing 2010 FWD US Rallycross Championship winning GTI, and rare skateboard decks. VWvortex and Fourtitude donated several hats, Beetle Christmas ornaments and a Truth In 24 II movie poster autographed by Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fassler, and Benoit Treluyer, the winners of the 2011 and 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans. Over $3,100 was raised for the Gerry Family.

The sun started its downward spiral and the crowd moved over to the awards area. Each year, the Cult Classic hands out unique one-of-a-kind awards and this year's Best of Show award went to Joe Adam’s brown MKIV GTI with an R32 engine.

As the crowd dispersed and the cars departed, the field was left almost as clean as when the show began.

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(Apologies to the cars and vendors who were on the asphalt lot and were not included in the photos- Author)