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After I got flashed with GIAC, I ran into some surging issues. I was experience the standard 4-5 psi loss and gain, loss and gain, of PSI many of us have complained about. I did some searches, heard some random ideas, but no one seemed to have a solid answer.

I installed a 4.7 volt zener diode, that now clamps the map at 15.8 PSI, and my surging has disappeared. Now I can hold 23psi in third, fourth, and fifth gear, whereas before I couldn't get close.

Not saying this will work for everyone who has surging issues, but it cost a few dollars, and takes thirty minutes to install. With people suggesting a new N75 valve, a new turbo inlet pipe (TIP), and new diverter valve, this was by far the cheapest and easiest route to take, when sourcing this problem.
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