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Hey guys, I have a large sheet of black acrylic left over from building my laptop stand, and I'm trying to figure out things to do with it. I didn't even think about using it in my car until I purchased an acrylic boost gauge 'pod' (flat housing, really, but I like it a lot) from here to throw in my center vent.
Sooo, I plan on ripping out the cup holder and actually make use of that once-useless area in the center console. I was thinking of a dedicated iPod Nano housing, but I'd have to get rid of it if I sold the Nano. As of right now, I think I want to fabricate an Innovate 3830 turbo timer housing in there center-left, and maybe some gauge or switch to the right (but what for?!
Any ideas? I also plan on making a removable acrylic base to fit in the pop-out cup holder for my Magellan 1340's suction cup stand thing. My Beltronics unit is already taking up too much window space
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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