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tl:dr - Is there a VW/Audi running minimal hub carriers/knuckles that would have the same ID where the end of the axle slips into the knuckle? If that's not something anyone knows, diameter measurements of (I'm guessing) mk3-5 VW front axles (or rear if they're AWD) would be very helpful. I'd like to be able to use my A4 B5 axles, hence the need for the hub with a matching diameter to the A4.

Long story:
I'm building an ATW powered belly tank, and before I can do much of anything, I need to figure out what hubs will work. I'm going to run Mustang 2 spindles up front, meaning I'll have to redrill whatever ends up on the rear to accept the same 5x4.5 (114.3) bolt pattern. That part's easy.

So I've got the complete K-frame (or whatever it's called on these cars), including the front hubs, axles, etc. I could use the stock knuckle, chop off all the excess arms, flanges, etc, turn down what's left on a lathe, and build a custom plate that my suspension arms will attach to...

...Or, and more preferably, I find a less bulky VW or Audi knuckle that I can use in stock form. I'm not running a MacPherson setup, but if the part that the strut unbolts from the knuckle, that'd work fine.

I need a hub carrier/knuckle with the same ID as the Audi a4 axles.

Any info is much appreciated!
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