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custom speaker mounts

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Not VW specific, but I figured you guys could help me out...
My 240 has 4x6 speakers in the doors. I want to replace them with something better, so I bought a pair of Cerwin Vega 4x6s. Unfortunately, they do not fit in the stock speaker mounts. The stock speakers are mounted in a molded plastic enclosure that bolts to the inner door frame. There is plenty of room for mounting 6.5" or even 6x9 speakers but I would have to build a custom mount that I could bolt to the door.
My question is, what material should I use? Should I simply use some 1/4" plywood? Any help is appreciated.
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Re: custom speaker mounts (CanuckPal)

If the panel is flat then its pretty easy . Using 1/2 or 3/4 mdf make a baffle that is larger than the speaker mounting plate. Bolt that up to the sheetmetal making sure there are no gaps. Then bolt up the speaker to your new baffle and you're done.
Re: custom speaker mounts (Lexi)

Yep, use MDF and not plywood... The glue in the plywood will come undone and leave you with a rattling POS.
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