I’ve had these sitting with the intention to install them but decided to keep my red interior instead. These were custom made many years ago and stored in a climate controlled basement so they have stayed in a very well preserved condition (9.9/10). I flipped out one of the front seat covers so you could see what they look like and the condition. They are a solid leatherette outer/backing with perforated leatherette inserts. They are a matching set, front and rear.

Price is now $500 picked up or $525 shipped within the lower 48 for these (plus any PayPal fees). I will also toss in a decent sized piece of extra leatherette for anyone wanting to do a matching shift boot and ebrake cover.

I see less customized examples going for $700+ from a few of the more reputable companies online. These are fairly custom looking and in excellent (basically NOS) condition.