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cutting exhaust cam

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sorry for the crosspost but due to no search i need more info faster,
i have a 2.0 16v with 1.8 head, i am thinking about installing a cut exhaust cam as the intake cam, i need any info on this,
thanks, joe
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Re: cutting exhaust cam (OhioBenz)

Well since noone else will give these poor guys feedback I will.
If you want good cheap(as in $$)performance,taking a second exhaust cam, cutting it and fitting it in as an intake cam will give you 10.2mm of lift as opposed to the 9.6mm of lift on the euro cams and 8.8 phase angle of 106degrees. Then install both cams with a 106 degrees peak opening point on both symetrically.This coupled with fitting larger exhaust valve seats that enable the use of the 28mm valve and not the 27mm seat you have now with your 28mm valve, makes a good 155hp with a suitable exhaust system. You also get an additional 800rpm
attached to your power band (60% of this at the lower end I may add).
However this would be classed as cheating so I didn't actually do this
to my engine. (Pinocchio comes to mind!!)".
Hope this helped. Bryan. Ay questions anyone...email me
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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