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CV boots --> what size do I want?

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I'm rebuilding drive shafts and just need to be sure what ones I need to order.

The inner is 100mm dia. where it bolts to the tranny so I assume I need a 100mm inner boot kit.
The outer is about 86-90mm depending on weather you measure the lip or not. So what boot kit size do I need for the outers???
Where the CV's hold on to the drive shaft it is 28mm, but I don't think that matters.

My guess would be 100mm kits all-around, but I want to be sure before I order.
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Re: CV boots --> what size do I want? (zoinks208)

I think the outers only come in one size. You're rebuilding your own shafts? You do realize don't you that for an extra $10 or $15 per shaft you can have the shafts rebuilt for you ? IMHO, well worth it.
Re: CV boots --> what size do I want? (zoinks208)

Sounds like you have 100m's all the way.
Here are the measurements for 90mm's
Inner 90mm or 93.3mm at the largest dia.
Outer 78.5mm where the boot clamps to, or 80.7mm ay the largest dia.
Make sure to buy Lobro boot kits. Ditch the kit grease and use Redline CV-2 grease. The crimping tool for the bands is easy to get and cheap at most auto parts stores. I got 200,000 miles from the last set of Lobro boots and 3 of my joints are original on the Roc.
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