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Cv Joint question & Suspension noise

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I've been having right-side suspension noise since forever on my jetta 91.
I noticed that I have side-play in my right CV joint (I can move the shaft from left to right)... Can this cause a "clunk" when going over bumps and turns?
I noticed that the right wheel is "howling" at high speeds... kinda like a whistle...
I also have polyeurathane control arm bushings. I hear they are crap and they tend to fail really quickly. Any ideas? Maybe they are also failing.
Thanks for any info helping me resolve my suspension rattles
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Re: Cv Joint question & Suspension noise (volks_man)

Sounds like to me that you either have a bad wheel bearing (most likely) or a bad ball joint. Bad wheel bearings will cause a humming noise when driving... especially during a turn. They also can cause your wheel/rotor to freely move a little depending on how badly damaged it is (ie. grab hold of the top and bottom of your rotor and wiggle it).
You should also inspect your cv-boot for tears and such. The clunk could be a number of things... but usually turns out to be a bad strut bearing. I'm not sure if this would be related to your wheel bearing tho'.
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