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I have a 2000, 2.0 liter Golf with a new set of problems.

The car was running great, until today, when I started it after sitting for six days. It idled roughly for a few minutes, but leveled out as the car warmed up. I drove about 50 miles, turned the car off for about 10 minutes and started it back up and it was idling very rough and not leveling out.

After about 15 minutes of driving the check engine light started blinking, and it sounded and felt like it was running on three cylinders.

I pulled over and got the following codes:


Under the hood there is a fairly strong smell of fuel, and it does sound like a potential vacuum leak, but I wasn't able to find one. I did notice the little release valve thing on the brake booster line was sucking a lot of air in, and when I covered it with my finger the car would almost die.

I took out the first spark plug and it had a fair amount of carbon build up. Tomorrow I'll clean the MAF sensor.

Any idea of what's going on here?

Much appreciation!
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