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I had no idea about this being available and stumbled onto this thread. I really am not worried about apple play or android auto, but wanted a convenient way to charge my phone in the car; this seemed to be a good way to go. Bought mine used from JonnyG and the felt had seen better days after having been used for a while. I decided to make the dock "new" again.

I ripped off the old felt and made some templates for the new applications:

test fitted the templates:

I had to measure out dock in two parts as the glue from the original felt would have made it hard to get a larger, newly cut piece down accurately:

finished and as good as new (or better!).

I did put some felt on the bottom under the front lip and on the side near the hole for the USB C cord since I read that the bottom of the dock rubbing against the rubbery surface of the dock caused some "whitening" of the original surface. Stuffed the dock after aligning the plug and tightening up the side bumpers...pushed the phone in and instant charging. Just what I needed - a simple piece of hardware to charge my phone conveniently while driving. A+ item all the way.

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101 - 102 of 102 Posts
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