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damaged side skirt

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Hi guys,
Does anybody know if I can get the lower black side skirt for a '01 Passat Variant anywhere except the dealer? Mine has a huge gash in it after my friend drove it over some metal debris on the freeway... Is it possible to buy this from some website and then put it on myself? (I checked http://www.parts4vws.com, they dont have it) Or do I have to pay the dealer mad money to fix it? Thanks for any info.
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Re: damaged side skirt (spiff56747)

I had to replace the left side skirt on my '99. The only place I could find it was at the dealer, and I believe I paid somewhere between $35-50. I did the install myself. Pretty simple, and a lot easier if you jack the car up and utilize some jack stands. I believe all the screws come of with a hex tool.
Re: damaged side skirt (Soul Hunter)

Cool thanks for the reply... you wouldn't happen to know the part number, would you?
Re: damaged side skirt (Soul Hunter)

hey i love your boost gauge. it's classy. what's the make and where did u get it?
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