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Title says it all.
A couple hundred miles ago, I got a big nail right on the shoulder of one of my Yoko ES100s.
I wanted to get it repaired, and tire place says its not repairable.
From what I have been told and what I've read, my best guess is that the nail may have seriously damaged the tire's internal belts, and there is a danger of the these belts coming apart and the tire possibly blowing out.
Currently, I am driving around on this tire (it is on the rear of a FWD car - 98 Jetta) until I can get a replacement tire. It leaks air a bit, but I just keep filling it up every few days.
So, anyone have experience with shoulder or sidewall punctures leading to failure? How much should I be worried about a blowout or other tire failure?

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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