Daniel Abt, of ABT Sportsline and Formula E fame, spends a lot of his time off the track making videos with some pretty, outrageous, and deeply desirable cars. Not being a German-speaker, I find these videos very frustrating.

The good news, though, is that for the first time ever, Abt decided to record a vlog in English so that the English speaking woportrld could finally follow his adventures. And right off the bat there’s a profoundly shocking revelation: Abt says that his German videos are funny, which I wasn’t aware was possible.

Regardless, Abt filmed this vlog during his walkaround of the Formula E track in Buenos Aires ahead of the Argentinian e-Prix last weekend , a race that he would eventually finish in seventh place.

In the video, Abt, goes through what he and other drivers are looking for during the track walk. Corner four, for instance, has a crosswalk ahead of it, which Abt explains could become slippery in the rain. He also shows us where he crashed two years ago.

Later on, Abt introduces us to the Team ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport support crew and his teammate Lucas Di Grasi. In all it’s a pretty interesting look at the day in the life of a Formula E driver, but I'm still waiting on an English video from the cockpit of an ABT Golf 7 GTD.