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Shipping containers or what are known as shipping containers are now often used not only for transporting goods, but can be modified into a building. One of them is you can build a container cafe based on a container. The price of the container cafe itself varies according to needs. Coupled with the container cafe design of your choice, you can customize it however you want with your own creativity. Container cafe is very developed at this time. Containers are an efficient choice for business people who just want to open a small business or open a branch.

Cafe containers made of innovative and creative designs are unique parts that make people fall in love with this different cafe atmosphere. Not like a conventional cafe in general. On the capital side, the price of a container cafe is quite affordable. You can buy a standard container and modify it or you can directly buy a container so that it is in the form of a cafe container. Its portable nature makes this cafe container easy to move if one day you want to relocate. Containers are also environmentally friendly, inversely, if we build a conventional building, it will add carbon emissions from the construction side.

Why containers? shipping containers have strong, durable and easy to move basic materials and usually if you just want to buy the container the price will be relatively cheap. With a container cafe, it is possible to provide services to customers in an easy and innovative way. With the addition of a unique and comfortable container cafe design, it becomes an alternative for the public apart from conventional cafes in general. And if you choose the right location, container cafe will be very advanced.

You can choose to use a new container or a used container. If you choose a used container, make sure to check the condition of the container if it is still suitable for use. You can be creative to create a unique container cafe layout. You can align the containers so that they become wider or you can create a multilevel concept by stacking the containers on top. Don't forget to also pay attention to the interior so that customers feel comfortable when entering your cafe container.

Src : Container Standar 20 feet Pontianak
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