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Dash bulbs

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Im trying to find replacement bulbs for my 92 gli instrument cluster. Anyone know off hand who makes them, part number etc....
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Re: Dash bulbs (bk1GTI)

same boat there. The only light that works on the whole entire dash is the tachometer light. I'd so go to a junkyard.
Re: Dash bulbs (eastcoastdubs)

The dealer has them. I got mine from www.germanautoparts.com
About $2 a piece, 3 required.
Re: Dash bulbs (eastcoastdubs)

Just go to a dealer, the bulbs are what a couple of bucks. If you hate the dealer go to a shop that specializes in VWs. The lights with a black base have non-replaceable bulbs( bulb doesn't separate from base). The lights with white bases have replaceable bulbs.
Re: Dash bulbs (Harold)

My dad still knows folks at various dealerships from when he worked at a VW/Audi dealership. We went to one, needing one little dash bulb. The parts guy knew us and gave us a loosie for free. They probably have a whole basket of them in the shop.
Don't worry about the couple of bucks. The pain in the neck from changing it, that's gonna be the worst part.
Re: Dash bulbs (A2JettaDriver)

2 if you have no lcd screen.
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