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I saw a datalogger on someone's eclipse, is it possible to get one for the Corrado and does any one have one?
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Re: Datalogger (Nickswagen)

who shot who in the what now?
Re: Datalogger (VeeDubBBoy)

Here's a link of one of the pocketlogger sites. It basically hooks up to your ecu i think and tells you rpms, timing, fuel pressure and all the other stuff.
Re: Datalogger (yoshg60)

If they have this I would be completely interested. I found my friend one for his Honda that is actually a stage 5 management system, allowing him to change fuel/air, VTEC timing, whatever he wants, plus he gets top speed read outs and max RPM and whatnot. It all goes to the laptop, like on F&F
edit: Turbo timing and stuff too, for those with turbo

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Re: Datalogger (yoshg60)

isn't there another device out there simililar to that?, I thought I found a link to it on the CCA link page but couldn't find it after that.
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