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Note... After the Run we will be heading to the Capital City Brewery located in Downtown, D.C. at 1100 New York Avenue, NW (202 628-2222) for some beer and food... This is to lessen the impact on lots of Audi drivers on my personal beer supply at my apartment
You can get directions, etc. at the link below.
Here is the soon to be famous River Road run... an 85 mile round-trip that is turning out to be quite the gem. We will modify the route as time goes on to maximize the fun... Currently it includes plenty of curves and straight country roads. On Saturday, June 1st, we will meet at Starbucks at 2pm, leave soon afterwards via the GW Parkway and re-group before we start the run at the starting point.
Everyone print out a copy of the directions below to have on hand. The Starbucks just south of the Arlington BMW/Porsche dealership (Old Audi dealership), with plenty of parking. Starbucks is located in the shopping center across from WagonWorks, between the new Audi dealership, and the BMW/Porsche dealership.
What: Starbucks/ River Road Run, to Replace KK Run
When: Saturday, June 1st at 2 pm
Where: Starbucks on Rt. 1. by BMW Dealership
Who: Audi/VW Drivers and Friends
Bring: Your F.R.S. Radio!
Roger (With Audi and Audi Bike!)
Directions to Starbucks:
Location is 3825 Jefferson Davis Highway...
Located in the Potomac Yard Center Shopping Center.
Their phone number is (703) 535-8740
--->From Points West (NoVA):
-Take Route 66 East towards DC, take Exit 75 south, the last before the bridge.
-Follow Route 110 south.
-Route 110 turns into Route 1 after passing by the Pentagon.
-Follow Route 1 straight, eventually passing Porsche/BMW of Arlington on your right.
-Take the first left after the dealership, entering the shopping center.
-Locate Starbucks and park.
--->From Points East (DC/MD):
-Take 395 South over Potomac River.
-Take Exit 9 South after bridge
-Follow Route 1 straight, eventually passing Porsche/BMW of Arlington on your right.
-Take the first left after the dealership, entering the shopping center.
-Locate Starbucks and park.
--->From Points South (Alexandria):
-In Old Town, follow Route 1 North.
-Take the last right exit that goes into the shopping center.
-Locate Starbucks and park.
-If you pass the BMW/Porsche Dealership, you went too far.
Print out these directions...
River Road Run- Version 1.
89.5 Miles Roundtrip
Start-The Behnke Nursery, Potomac, MD.
End-The Waterfront, K Street, Washington, DC.
This Run starts on River Road. So to get there from the Arlington Starbucks location, take
George Washington Parkway North to the Beltway. Take the 495 North Exit on the Right,
then take Exit 39-River Road-Potomac West. Follow River Road West for approximately 1.5
miles. You will see a nursery on the right, The Behnke Nursery. Park here and reset your trip
00.0-Take a RIGHT out of the Nursery Parking Lot onto River Road.
08.9-Take a LEFT to continue on River Road.
14.0-Continue STRAIGHT instead of right and cross One Lane Bridge
15.5-Take a RIGHT on Mount Nebo Road.
18.1-Take a RIGHT on Edwards Ferry Road.
21.4-Take a LEFT on White's Ferry Road.
25.5-Turn in the White's Ferry Parking Lot-REST STOP.
25.6-Retrace White's Ferry Road STRAIGHT.
31.7-Enter Poolesville, MD.
31.9-Take a LEFT on Elgin Rd.
32.3-LEFT Sweeper to Bealesville Road.
34.3-Take a LEFT on Darnestown Rd.
36.6-RIGHT Sweeper on Dickerson Rd. (West 28)
37.8-Go STRAIGHT under Railroad Crossing
39.7-Go ACROSS Bridge.
40.1-Take a RIGHT on Parks Mill Road.
44.8-Possible Caravan Photo Shoot.
46.9-Take a RIGHT on Route 80 East.
47.4-Pass Country Club on Right (Site of Past Photo Shoot)
48.3-Take a RIGHT Exit on 270 South/East
72.5-Take EXIT 5-Falls Road-Route 189 South
74.3-Cross River Road.
76.3-Take a LEFT on MacArthur Boulevard.
77.4-Old Angler's Inn-PHOTO/REST STOP.
78.5-At STOP Sign, Go STRAIGHT.
81.6-Take a RIGHT to Clara Barton Parkway, LEFT Entrance.
85.6-At STOP Light, Go STRAIGHT.
88.2-Take a RIGHT on M Street.
88.8-Continue STRAIGHT on M Street.
89.1-Take a RIGHT on Wisconsin Ave.
89.3-Take a RIGHT on K Street.
Continue to END of K Street and PARK.

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Re: DC/MD/VA VW'ers... June 1st River Road Run... (MP3Guy)

I've been wanting to check this out for a while now. I'm installing my coilovers tonight, if I can get the car aligned early tomorrow morning I might check this out. I want to put the suspension through it's paces.....
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