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Re: Dealers detecting Chiped Cars? (itg2001)

I just went through this situation yesterday...My coilpack/spark plug went bad in cylinder 1.
I wasnt sure if they would replace it under warranty, because I am chipped, and heard stories that the dealer I went to isnt mod friendly.
Come to find out, they did search for it, never actually found it, but to a boost/torque reading and called me and asked why I had such a HUGE amount of torque.
They asked if I was chipped? I just said that my 3" dp/cat much have been why the reading was sooo high...
They fixed it under warranty, which they should have anyway, because the chip had nothing to do with a bad coilpack..so I gave them no reason to want to blame the chip..I said no I dont have one.
On the other hand, I spoke with a service tech at a different dealer at a local GTG, and he said that their service dept. loves to find chipped 1.8Ts and void warranties because of it.
I will never take my car to him...he even said, they hate to mess with them and that once they get the technology to flash 1.8T ecu, they will flash every chip they can...he told me they actually look forward to that.
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