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Dealers Suck!!

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With only one dealer in Las Vegas, there's not much of a chance of a bidding war.
When the VR6 came out in 93' I WANTED ONE!!!!!! I went to the dealer, and they were "auctioniing" bids for $5K+ over MSRP!!!!!! They wouldn't even budge. It's OK, cause thats when I bought my 83 928S w/33K miles on it !

Anywho, after my friend bought his 00' TDI Jetta, I took a look at the cars again. The car is drove was, funny enough, the car I eventually bought. I like it, and they seemed nice enough.
I vasilated, and went back 1 month later, and my car was STILL THERE!? It was minus the wood shifter, and had 42 miles on it, but it was still there. I talked to the salesman, and told him if this wasn't quick, I was gone.
Make a long story short, I leased (have since bought) my GTI $200 + sticker?! Why do we still have to pay greater than sticker??
I'm happy, and I nailed em on the orig lease payment $350 total!!!
I love my car! Hate dealers!!!!! Don't get me started on the service dept!
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Re: Dealers Suck!! (lsinlv)

99% of the people don't pay sticker. If that dealership is like that it's worth the drive somewhere else to buy the car and save a couple hundred bucks.
My dad and I drove to NJ from CT about 2.5hrs to buy my mom's Lexus because it was 1k less than anywhere around us.
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