It looks like the RS 3 is a hit because one dealership has added a “market value adjustment” worth $10,000 to its 2017 RS3.

user RoAnonim[/URL] posted the
of the claimed Audi dealership document two days ago[/URL] . In the comments, another user claimed to have seen a dealer charging an extra $2,000 for an RS3.

The model must have been a reasonably well equipped one since its MSRP was $66,775, $12,000 more than the base MSRP.

The topic of dealerships overcharging for performance vehicles has held a deep fascination and roused the anger of many commentators since Ford and Honda dealers have been found charging excessively for the Focus RS and the Civic Type R.

The fear is that dealerships might charge so much that buyers end up not buying performance vehicles at all, hurting their chances of coming back at all.

Dodge, with the release of the Demon, recently tried to curb market value adjustments with an extensive dealer allocation plan , which unfortunately dealers found a way to circumvent. The dealers used intermediaries to sell the Demons on eBay.

The problem extends past dealerships, too, with enterprising individuals buying up Civic Type Rs ( and Porsches ) and selling them on at an inflated price.

[source: carbuzz ]