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I own a MkIV Gti 1.8T that I want to start taking to more track days. I've been reading your posts on tires and it seems if I run my street tires I'll burn through them pretty quick, so in the long run some shaved/heat cycled tires on separate rims sounds like the way to go.
From what I could infer it seems 16's will in fact be the best performing and coincidentally possibly the cheapest (correct me if I'm wrong).
I plan on primarily doing track days for fun, and possibly competing and participating in autocrosses down the line (but I'll probably be ready for a new set of tires well before then anyway). I'm in SoCal, so the tracks are in the middle of the desert (read HOT).
So now for my questions. First what tires do you guys recommend for dedicated track use, for fun (in the desert). As I'm not going to be actually racing, outright performance isn't necessarily of the utmost importance, I'd rather save a bit of money and get some life out of them. These are the tires you guys seem to be recommending overall:
Kumho Victoracers
Kumho Ecsta V700's
Hoosier r3so3's
Toyo RA-1's
Yokohama A032R's
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
Falken Azenis (or are you only recommending these if it’s a track/daily tire?)
Are there any others I should be looking at? Should I be looking at something other than DOT tires?
Can I get 225-245 tires for a 16" rim for any of the tires you might recommend (I just glanced at the tire rack and they didn't seem to list any on their site, though I know their not an entirely comprehensive source for tires)?
Thanks for any input. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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