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i am about to get a respray and i think that the guy that i talk to saw that i am only 16 and is trying to weasle me out of money. on my hood i have 3 small dents. they are not creased and are only about the size of a nickle. this guy told me that once they are fixed and filled that the heat would probaly make them expand of rise and make my hood look all funky. he said the best thing to do is to but another hood. that did not sound right to me.
also my rear bumper is all spider webbed. the PO got a cheap paint job(it must have been maacos $250 job) over the paint that was originally on the car. there was no prep work done and the car color was changed from silver to red. that same gut told me that the spider web could not be removed that they could sand it but it would definitely come back.
does this info sound right or is he trying to rip me off. thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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