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Detailing stuff for the Trek

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Does anyone know offhand is the black on the 97 trek's was a clearcoat or not? I don't know a lot about paint but I think it is.
anyway, I just spent about 40 dollars at discount auto buying lots of detaililng stuff.....a clay bar, cleaner, glazer and polish.

BTW: My user name is changed from TrekInFlorida to Soko_Loko. Too many user names with trek in them, hehe, this should make it easier.
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Re: Detailing stuff for the Trek (Soko_Loko)

yep. my black is clearcoated. Go to www.griotsgarage.com for the good car care stuff....... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Detailing stuff for the Trek (1a3trek)

I got all mehuligan(sp) stuff, I heard that was good???? we'll see.. the only thing i'm halfway afraid to use is the clay bar....
I just don't want to mess anything up
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