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Diagnostic mode - mph?

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I had a look at some of the old posts and managed to get into diagnostic mode in the Climatronic to check my real speed - all worked fine, but the speed reading seemed to be in kph (either that or the speedo was reading WAY lower than my actual speed .....LOL!!) Is there any way to switch it across to MPH?
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Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (ross)

I have gotten into diagnostic mode but nthing happens? I can just change numbers(channels) up and down but i don't get any readings...
What am I doing wrong?
Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (chrille_103)

What sequence of buttons are you using ??
Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (Westy04)

Ehmmm... good question

The button to the far left(recirculation i think) and the red(heat up) and the one to its right. It says diagnostic mode on the climatronic but i don't get any readings?
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Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (chrille_103)

I have now read the old post on this subject and it seems as if I got into diagnostic mode with a different button combination

I am going to try the other combination tonight and see what happens.
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Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (chrille_103)

The buttons you need to press are : fan speed down - blue (cold) - ECON . Then use the red and blue button to go up and down through the menu.
Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (Westy04)

I've tried out the 'diagnostic mode' with the button sequence a while back and it worked fine, but I only tried it when the car was stationary and the climate control off. Can you get into the diagnostic mode whilst the climate is on, or does pressing the buttons at that point just mess with A/C?
I was just wondering, I think I'll try it later. Any further info on the list of functions within the diagnostic mode? If one of them indicates boost pressure (psi or bar) / temperature it would be very useful!

Mark D.
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Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (plnmd)

Yes it seems to work fine with the system on, heat was still being emitted from the vents.
I was playing around with the diag mode this very morning, if only I knew what all those channels were, one of them said 405 deg C, dont know what that is?.
What did suprise me is the difference in speed between the real speed and the speed that the speedo said. even at 30mph their was quiet a difference.
To display in MPH try switching the climatronic from deg C to Deg F display, I have not tried it but that may work,
Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (mannyo1)

Regarding difference in speedo speeds and real speed from Climatronic.
I have a friend who developes and installs the rolling roads for the majority of the UK car manufacturers and he has told me in the past that they have to calibrate the speedos 10% higher than the real speed. This was a guidline that our lovely goverment made in order to slow cars down on the road.
As far as I know there is no options in the diags to show either Turbo Temp or Pressure.
Re: Diagnostic mode - mph? (Westy04)

I think channel 7 may be turbo temperature, that goes into 100s of degress C so I guessed it must be that?
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