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I was wondering if anyone can give me an advice where to buy a diagnostic tool for the vehicle mentioned in the title. The vehicle has VW engine.
Here's link from the vehicle >> https://www.hako.co.uk/machine/citymaster-2000/
Here is an imgur album with pics from the vehicle >> https://imgur.com/a/x5RdGJP

We would like to be able to solve the following issues:
1. Before an oil change, after opening a cover or after moving the driver's seat (a switch is getting turned on), the indicators on the console are blinking to indicate that further action is required. However (e.g.) after the oil is changed, the indicators continue to blink. We would like a tool which will enable us to turn off the signaling indicators. In other words to clear the error codes.
2. We would like the tool to be able to diagnose the ECU from the vehicle and let us know if something is not working properly. In other words to perform a general diagnosis.
3. We would like to use the tool on more than one vehicle, since we have several in our inventory. It is desirable, but not mandatory, to be able to diagnose other types of Hako vehicles as well.

If you need other info please let me know.

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