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I've been having some troubles with my car lately, hard to start, low rpm hesitation, funky idle, anemic power... So VDUBBINDizzy was kind enough to let me borrow the MAF out of his currently decomissioned 1.8T.

I first ran the test with his since my car wouldn't even run with my MAF. I performed block 002 and 120 on each one.
Good MAF:

Then I gave my crapped MAF an alcohol bath and it started working again but still a little rough.
Bad MAF:

The car feels so much better with the Dizzy's MAF in it. All the things my car was doing are now gone from what I can tell. Both MAFs are the "L" version, but in the FAQ section they list the "L" as the AWP MAF. I was wondering if I should buy awp "L" or get the AWW "D" version?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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