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Diesel running cold

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my diesel runs cold in the city. about 80 or less and smokes when i giv'er. on the highway it runs at a nice 95 and doesn't smoke at all no matter what i do acceleration wise. why is this? why am i running so cold in the city no matter how much i stomp on it. i've got a 180 thermostat and it's brad new. and whenever i shut the car off then fan runs for an additional 30-45 seconds and the engine isn't even that hot. ?????????????????
any help would be appreciated
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Re: Diesel running cold (olio50)

come on, somebody please.
Re: Diesel running cold (olio50)

Put a new thermostat in your bunny. It should be 190 degree F. When you drive around town your RPMs are LOW. Little heat is generated at low RPM in a diesel cause not much fuel is exploding. When you are running down the highway you make a lot more heat. Thus, you need a new thermostat or at least the right thermostat to get it up to temp and hold it there. Get a good German on if you can!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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