Although the dieselgate scandal may have spooked Volkswagen out of selling TDIs, it hasn’t stopped consumers buying them. Last month, diesel vehicles made up up 12% of Volkswagen of America’s sales as the company celebrated another positive sales month.

Volkswagen’s sales increase this April was modest, but it still bucked industry trends. With an increase in sales of 1.3%, VW outperformed the US car market in general, which fell by 4.7%.

Before the scandal, diesel sales accounted for 20-25% of sales at VW, so the numbers weren't back up to pre-scandal figures in April. That was perhaps predictable, though, since sales were limited to 2015 models and only started mid-month. That said,  incentives of up $8,500 may have made them more appealing to buyers .

The automaker reported sales of 27,557 vehicles in all in April, meaning that about 3,300 of those were TDI Golfs, Jettas, or Beetles. The EPA approved fix, meanwhile, means that in total about 67,000 TDIs are currently eligible for sale in the US.

Volkswagen has stated time and again, though, that TDIs are not coming back to the US. It is instead focusing its efforts on electric-powered vehicles, which it anticipates will fill the sales gap left by diesels.

[source: Automotive News ]