Following last week's decision to name Herbert Diess CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Audi is now also likely to name him chairman of its 20-person board.

The move would be part of the recent  restructuring at the VW Group and its avowed desire to make the company more streamlined and reactive.

Diess rose from his role as CEO of the Volkswagen Brand to replace Matthias Mueller as chief executive at the Group. The role would be a simple handover, since Mueller had also been chairman of Audi's board.

A spokesperson told Automotive News that a decision would officially be reached at its next meeting, which is likely to take place May 8, one day ahead of its annual general meeting.

Diess entered the company in 2015, in the midst of the deiselgate crisis and under his command, the brand successfully cut millions of euros in costs thanks to a controversial, but ultimately successful set of layoffs. 

Rupert Stadler, meanwhile, remains as CEO of Audi despite criticism of his handling of the dieselgate scandal. Following last week's restructuring, he was also named head of group sales. 

[source: Automotive News ]