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Re: difference between any 2 digifant II ecu's? (myke_w)

G60 ecu's aren't plug-n-play with anything but a G60. The engine management is different due to the boost. I hear that if you are turbo'ing a regular 8V motor, that this is the eaisest way to go, with some minor mods to your wiring harness.
The main harness plug fits though, I tried a G60 Digifiant I ecu box on my Jetta, but the car wouldn't run with it.
I found another Digifant II box from a junkyard car, it had an automatic tranny. The part number was the same, but the two letters at the end were different, CS vs. AG I think. That ecu seemed to run identical to my stock one, I was worried about it because it came from an auto car, but nothing seemed weird.
I haven't had an opportunity to try an ecu from an 8V GTI or GLI. The 16V cars don't have Digifant II, so that won't work.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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