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differences in 1999.5 vs. 2002 CABRIO...

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hi. does anyone know the major/minor differences between the 1999.5 to 2002 cabrios??
any re-call issues that were in 1999.5 cabrio, that were fixed in 2002??
please help.
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Re: differences in 1999.5 vs. 2002 CABRIO... (eddiemiller)

The Cabrio is based on the older generation MK3 Golf platform and is therefore a rather dated model. I believe that the changes that appeared on the Cabrio were minor cosmetic items and paint color combinations.
As far as I know there are no major problems with the design/manufacture of this vehicle. You should expect no mechanical deficiencies other than the typical quarks that were common to the 3rd generation Golf. Personally, I love the Cabrio and would not mind finding a older one just to tinker with.
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